During his visit to the energy optimizer ONI, NRW Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart learned how companies can save billions and how the climate benefits.

Niederhabbach has not yet been a place that was firmly anchored in the mind of Andreas Pinkwart. But that will change. Two hours of concentrated information about a company that has been focusing on energy saving for decades in the Lindlar district were probably enough to make Pinkwart familiar in the long term with the three letters ONI. When the NRW Economics Minister rolled into the company's yard in Niederhabbach at around 1 p.m. and was able to welcome District Administrator Jochen Hagt, Member of the Bundestag Dr. Carsten Brodesser from Oberberg, CDU parliamentary party leader in the Düsseldorf state parliament Bodo Löttgen and Lindlars Mayor Dr. Georg Ludwig, he was likely to have expected a visit, as he did many in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Subsequently, however, in a par force ride through the history of the company up to today's 480-man business, he first gained insight into how convictions, an idea and a garage business can be turned into a medium-sized company of international standing through innovative solutions. And ONI CEO Wolfgang Oehm naturally took the opportunity to show the guest from the state capital the numerous possibilities of energy optimization and sustainable solutions during a tour of the company.

In any case, the "Onians" have also developed a routine in conveying the messages that the respective prominent visitor should take with him within a tight time budget with a certain sustainability of verbal communication. Pinkwart admitted that it rarely learned so much about energy-saving and high-quality system solutions in such a short time. And when the minister learned that ONI customers would keep 1.7 billion euros in their own cash register in a year because they used the components of the energy foxes from Lindlar, Pinkwart was pricked up. "The country's finance minister would have to sign an agreement with ONI on the sums that can be saved by this company," joked the FDP politician.

He saw the company as well positioned for the future thanks to innovative solutions. According to Pinkwart, modern operations can hardly do without digital remote maintenance services. This trend will increase in the future. The best data lines and expansion options are therefore necessary, especially for many medium-sized companies that have their headquarters outside the urban centres. This is taken into account in the new state development plan.


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