Rhytemper ® Temperature control:
Ensure process stability, shorten cycle times, reduce unit costs!

Optimal manufacturing process

The unit costs of die-cast and injection-moulded articles are essentially determined by the mould temperature control!
The reason for this is the direct influence of mould temperature control on process stability, product quality and cycle time.
Conventional continuous temperature control systems usually extend cycle times unnecessarily, do not allow product quality to be monitored and are not a safety factor with regard to process stability.
The Rhytmper ® temperature control system, on the other hand, ensures optimum temperature control management for the molded part. With this system technology, the production process is managed in such a way as to ensure process stability for the entire batch with the shortest possible cycle times and permanent process monitoring for production towards zero defects.

The best product innovations only fully exploit their potential if the manufacturing process is optimally managed. If the best results are to be achieved for the entire production batch, intelligent temperature control management is required to ensure that a thermal fingerprint of the molded part is recorded and continuously monitored during the manufacturing process.
The Rhytmper ® temperature control system maps the molded part over the cycle using the heat balances in the individual temperature control circuits of the mold. The water volume flow and the temperature difference of each individual circuit are evaluated and the unmistakable thermal structure in the part to be produced is mapped.
By monitoring the energy balances and adjusting parameters such as temperature difference and volume flow in each temperature control circuit, it is ensured that the thermal fingerprint of the molded part remains constant in an extremely limited field.
In practice, in addition to ensuring process stability and product quality, an average cycle time reduction of 18 % is achieved. In some cases, up to 40 % can be achieved.


Schaltzentrale für ein optimal auf das Formteil abgestimmte Temperiermanagement

Die Aufnahme mit einer Thermokamera zeigt anschaulich wie homogen die Temperaturverteilung im Formteil durch ein Rhytemper®-System gestaltet wird

Platzsparende und Werkzeugnahe Installation einer Rhytemper®
-Verteilereinheit für 12 Temperierkreise an einer Werkzeughälfte


ONI Rhytemper HotPuls Installation mit Schalteinheit und Temperierkreis-Verteilerschrank an einer Druckgussmaschine

ONI Rhytemper Regeleinheit im Praxisbetrieb, mit Visualisierung an einer Druckgussmaschine

Blick auf eine neu aufgestellte DG-Maschine mit werkzeugnah installierter ONI Rhytemper Werkzeugtemperierung