Modular energy centers.
Install, connect, ready!

Modular energy center with a process-adapted two-circuit re-cooling system.

The demand for modular energy centers has considerably increased during the recent years.
The reasons for this development may surely be a quick availability, flexibility and the space-saving design of these powerful ONI systems. From the supply of cooling and cold water to heating power and compressed air including pumps, tanks and controllers, the entire technology is integrated into modular units in a compact and space-saving manner. Hi-tech and quality products are combined in our modular energy centers.

View of a part of a modular cooling energy center with a pump tank unit

Operational installation of the modular energy centers and subsequent trial operation is performed in our Lindlar main works. This is an essential condition for highest power efficiency and the highest possible operational safety of the systems.
After a final review our modules travel to their installation sites around the world.
There, it will only be a matter of Install, connect, ready!