Holistic cleanroom solutions
from a single source

Demand-oriented and efficient clean room systems

The demand for a clean room situation in which the exposure to air-moving solid or liquid particles is limited usually results from product-specific or hygienic specifications. The range of industry-specific requirements is wide and the system technology area required for this is correspondingly complex.

With our experts, we offer companies from a wide variety of industries, from the plastics industry to the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries an all-round service, which for example ranges from consulting on the structural design of a cleanroom production facility, to specialist planning and the creation of the entire periphery around the production unit, to the turnkey handover of GMP-certified plant technology.

Competence and experience in cleanroom technology

The ventilation systems planned and executed by our experts ensure that the clean room area is supplied with the specified air quality and that the permissible particle concentration in the relevant production area is not exceeded. This also includes compliance with temperature and humidity under consideration of the hygiene aspect. In addition, our range of services includes the implementation of complete cleanroom units from the FFU microcell solution, which is installed on a single injection moulding machine, to the large-volume cleanroom in which production, further processing or initial packaging takes place. This also includes the systems for the supply of cooling/heating energy, compressed air as well as control systems, which take over the operational and monitoring management up to the history management in batch production.

Energy efficiency follows operational safety

Since the operating costs for a clean room unit are relatively high due to the high air quality requirements, we always implement these systems after prioritizing "Optimization of operating costs immediately follows process reliability"! Another outstanding feature of the ONI cleanroom systems is their modular structure. This concept creates ideal conditions for the best possible adapted, demand-oriented solution with favourable production and operating costs!