A central system for saving
electrical and thermal energy.

The ONI Wärmetrafo GmbH offers you wide range of service from a single source as a system supplier. This includes the integration of an existing cogeneration plant or planning a new one. We have already realized many projects in terms of block heat and power plants and provide you a system solution, in regards to your needs and our experience.

Combined heat and power unit with absorption chillers

Taking advantage of a so-called combined heat cooling power (CCHP), greatly increase the efficiency of a cogeneration (CHP).
This is with an absorption chiller the CHP produced thermal energy converted into cold and used to process cooling. So it is guaranteed that the heat generated by the CHP always has been a source of loss in warm summer months and a continuous electrical power is generated with the help of the CHP.

Combined heat and power unit in container as a modular system

The use of a CHP plant in combination with a container asks many advantages as a modular system. The system is flexible and not bound site, on the other hand can an optimal placement in the look down on noise protection measures are made.
There is the opportunity to combine this system with more levels for future extensions, so that further upgrades are possible.
Furthermore the modular unit provides the advantages, that the system can be supplied as Plug-and-play-unit, which stop the purpose of integration as low as possible.

CHP in combination with central heating

The thermal energy produced can be used optimally by integration into the existing heating system due to the high temperature levels.
Also an admixture for heating circuit distributor of industrial surface heating is possible and ensures efficient heat recovery.