LINDLAR - (wr) "Lindlar runs" the success story continues, on Friday, 24th of May, from 17.00 the 11 town center run will take place. At a sponsorship event, on the premises of the company ONI, which is one of four main sponsors beside the company Schmidt + Clemens, Kreissparkasse Köln and the Lang AG, some of the 13 members met with their sponsors and Lindlars major Dr. Georg Ludwig, the patron of the running event.

The organizing team around Carsten Ommer, presented the first announcement banner of "Lindlar is running" in 2019 and with the hanging of the banner you wanted to remember at the same time the registration.

The internet registration has already started, but late registrations are also possible on the day of the event. Unique are the commemorative medals from Lindlarer Grauwacke, which became the trademark of the Lindlarer town run, every runner over four and ten kilometers distance receives such a trophy. Children and young people receive their own medal. A total of 54 cups will be awarded in 18 individual ratings.

In addition there are challenge cups for the largest group, the fastest Lindlarer and the strongest participant company. Particularly honored is the and the fastest Lindlarer in over ten kilometers.

"Lindlar is running" has grown with the number of participants in professionalism, the organizers expect around 1600 runners. Until then, there is still a lot of work to do in front of the organizing team and about 90 volunteers. In return, "Lindlar town run" offers a great deal this year, the DLV-measured route and the special atmosphere of the center run, by the numerous cheering spectators, samba and drum groups, the runners excited.