ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH turn-over was  88 Mio. Euros

Not only the diesel scandal is the CO2 emissions on everyone's lips. To avoid carbon dioxide, the company ONI heat transfer GmbH makes a major contribution, as the managing partner and company founder Wolfgang Oehm makes clear. By saving heating energy and electricity for some 5,240 customers in 72 countries, around 5.5 billion kilograms of CO2 would be saved each year. This corresponds approximately to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of five million mid-range cars.


Largest single order in company history

The balance for the year 2018 is extremely positive. With a volume of seven million euros, the company has received the largest single order in its history. The order volume increased by about 20 percent and sales by about 15 percent to 88 million euros. The ONI-Rhythemper in Großröhrsdorf in Saxony contributed to the success. In just four years, sales there more than doubled from a good five to now eleven million euros. Currently around 50 employees work in the plant. That should change, because an expansion of 1000 square meters is planned for this year. To this end, the number of employees is to be increased to around 80. Oehm is also proud that the ONI subsidiary has won the Oskar Patzelt Foundation's Grand Prix for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

The CEO also rates the economic development and the order situation positively. The order books are full, all three companies of the ONI Group in the first half of 2019 fully booked. It was right to have opened a subsidiary in China with ONI Energy Saving Technology Co. The four employees in Kunshan had generated three million sales last year.

On the economic success of ONI contributed a new development, which was also patented, reports Wolfgang Oehm. It refers to the filtering and cleaning of cooling water needed by many machines in the plastics and metal industries. ONI-AquaClean is the name of the filter system that could remove solids and bacteria from the cooling water circuit. Deposits in the cooling circuits prevented optimal processes because the injection molds would no longer be cooled in the best possible way. So far, it has been used with chemical agents against bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses. Apart from the difficult handling and the costs, no sustainable success was achieved.

The ONI patent relies on a retrofittable filter system, which on the one hand can filter the solids with superfine filters, the particles up to a size of 0.02 Mμ, and thus also bacteria. For others, the cooling water is treated with an ozonation system. The bacterial load will be reduced by up to 99.9 percent. Thus your use of chemical agents can be dispensed with completely. 24 of the ultrafilter plants have sold ONI in the last six months. More is currently being built.

The company boss is pleased about numerous awards. So far, ONI has received 44 national and international prizes, mostly for energy saving and environmental protection. Sharing the thanks of his customers to the employees is just as important as the personal contact, which is also expressed by a handshake during the welcome on the tour of the company.


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