Tomorrow is today already yesterday

...then the future will overtake itself! From a mathematical point of view, even the most powerful computer would be overwhelmed by such a question, because there is no solution for a data structure that has not yet been created. However, from this sentence position it can be deduced - with a positive basic attitude - for the right life that today and tomorrow visionaries with a pronounced sixth sense are needed to shape the future, who put developments on safe tracks with a sense of proportion for the benefit of all.

Experience has shown that stagnation is a step backwards, but hyperactivity also triggers chaos! Of course nobody wants to stand still. Hyperactivity, on the other hand, leads to uncontrollable hecticness, incalculable risks and ultimately chaos, but certainly not. The golden mean between standstill and hyperactivity - i.e. activity - paired with dynamism, continuity, creativity, a sense of proportion, farsightedness and social responsibility, were and will continue to be the elements that create an environment for the benefit of all and ultimately prevent us from being overtaken by our own rear wheel. We need future designers in all occupational groups who are equipped with these elements and ideally have not only the five objective senses but also the subjective sixth sense in their luggage.


Can the future be felt?

This question can be answered with a clear "yes". If, for example, you look at entrepreneurial personalities from medium-sized businesses who have successfully developed their business over decades, you will often come across the ability to anticipate or better anticipate developments, even though there was no factually comprehensible basis at the start.

Why should one - like our managing partner Wolfgang Oehm, for example - at a time when energy sources such as oil and gas were available almost inexhaustibly and at extremely low prices, deal with the topics of energy saving, efficiency improvement and environmental protection and develop appropriate system solutions? Today, almost every company has laid down guidelines for improving energy efficiency for itself and the products it manufactures.

One does not need clairvoyant abilities or the sixth sense to foresee that topics such as energy saving and environmental protection will remain a high priority for all of us for the foreseeable future. The federal government and governments of more and more European and non-European countries have recognized that there is an acute need for action and are supporting energy saving efforts through subsidy programs or are moving towards establishing demands for the introduction of energy management systems or the use of highly efficient energy plant systems. In addition, more and more companies are pursuing an offensive energy-saving policy in order to reduce their energy costs sustainably and thus improve their competitiveness. As a result, this market development creates an almost inexhaustible field of activity for which we are well positioned with our broad range of products and services.

From the point of view of our managing partner Mr. Wolfgang Oehm, this continuous corporate success is largely due to the commitment and motivation of our staff. The motto "You have to be better and faster than the competition" of his father's patron Werner Battenfeld at a young age still has a driving force today after more than 30 years of independence. In this respect, we continuously develop and further develop systems that meet the market demands for further improved energy efficiency and environmental compatibility as well as digital networkability and give us a competitive edge.

For all this, we need qualified employees. For this reason, the training of junior staff was declared a management priority at our company many years ago. With a trainee ratio of around ten percent, we give trainees the opportunity to gain qualifications beyond the normal training framework and to start their careers with the best possible conditions.

The municipal administration in Lindlar asked whether we could also offer internships for some refugees who are to find a new home here with us for a bridging period. Wolfgang Oehm went on the offensive and initially financed German courses for about 50 young people. After successfully completing a language course and a three-month orientation internship, seven young people are given the opportunity to train in our company.

In a market that is changing in ever shorter cycles, you have to prove your performance every day anew in order to survive. We are well positioned for the future with our products, system solutions and a wide range of services in the field of energy efficiency improvement, but we always keep an eye on market developments so that we can react quickly and decisively.