In the truest sense of the word it is sparkling ideas that are born from creative, imaginative and far-sighted entrepreneurial personalities in a team with motivated employees who ultimately ensure the success of the company - whether it is the development of a product, a service or a marketing strategy. It's like cooking here. Only a 'slightly different' ingredient and spice leads to a new treat!

More than 30 years ago, our company founder and current managing partner Wolfgang Oehm had the idea to develop a heat recovery system for plastics machines. From today's point of view this is a forward-looking idea. In the reality at that time, a beautiful idea with rather modest short-term prospects of successful marketing. The reason for the sluggish success was simply the very low energy prices, which did not allow a representation of the economic efficiency in a short time.

So what can you do to sell a product with proven benefits, but for which you do not get the corresponding value within a reasonable period of time? Bill Gates has shown the way. He simply gave away his software in order to enter the market. So Wolfgang Oehm also had to come up with something to place the heat recovery system he had developed on the market. The direct route via the awarding of the savings advantages was far from sufficient. However, he was able to offer something that his competitors at the time were unable to offer: A holistic technical knowledge of plastics processing and the necessary machine technology - in the relatively young age of modern plastics processing a pound that could be used for growth and to which many newcomers eagerly sought to revert. Thus, the success of ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH is based on innovative products that are so attractive thanks to valuable but free gifts that make the decision to buy easier. The formula to it reads: We must convince the customer of the fact that it is for it (the customer) a business to buy with us!

This principle has remained attractive to this day and will certainly continue to be so in the future. In this respect, we are constantly developing unique selling propositions in addition to pure product development that are of value to the customer and contribute to establishing long-term customer loyalty. The entire team is involved in this continuous process and the results are quite impressive. Every year we achieve double-digit growth rates, which we generate from our own strength and performance. In the last six years we have doubled both in sales and in the number of employees. The company started in 1983 with three employees, today there are more than 430.


Networking creates opportunities

Industry 4.0 is not a magic formula, but creates opportunities that were previously conceivable only to a limited extent. Data communication thanks to complex networking and the resulting use of data for energy and process optimisation in companies has become a field of activity for us in the future. With more than 30 years of experience in plant engineering, we have implemented a large number of projects together with partner companies in which, in addition to plant construction, the highest possible energy efficiency and availability of plant engineering must also be ensured for years to come. For our customers, we not only implement the plant technology, but also guarantee efficient operation.

Based on this experience and our knowledge of complex interrelationships in the areas of plant hydraulics, energy requirements and their level requirements, energy usage behaviour, production processes and procedures, control systems and cross-system synergy effects, we develop holistic concepts aimed at ensuring a continuous optimisation process in the energy supply and plastics processing production processes. In coordination with our customers, we already integrate their plant systems into our analysis systems and are thus able to evaluate operating data and provide the corresponding optimization information.

This enables us, for example, to record, analyze and optimize a complete manufacturing process from the energetic and process-technical side with machine situation, core process injection molding and complete media supply from cooling water to clean room technology. In this way, we not only ensure the lowest possible energy consumption, but also optimize production times, machine utilization, process reliability, availability and production rate at the same time. This also opens up new possibilities for data networking to the benefit of our customers.