Energy-saving technology finances
itself in a very short time.

Pay 50 save 100

Due to rising energy costs, the topic of "efficient use of energy" is becoming increasingly important. Energy-intensive companies in particular are finding it difficult to cope with the sharp rise in energy prices.
An offensive energy-saving policy on the part of companies and the simultaneous use of energy-saving system solutions make a significant contribution to getting energy costs under control in the long term.

The basis for refinancing energy-saving measures is the energy saving rate or the achievable cost reduction.
In the area of cooling energy supply, for example, clever concepts and the use of state-of-the-art technology can save 20% and more in operating costs, depending on the system situation.
If it is also possible to use waste heat from cooling circuits for heating purposes, savings effects add up and investment costs are generated in the shortest possible time. In many cases, up to 95% of heating costs can be saved by using heat recovery. We are happy to offer interested parties a free energy savings check, which gives an initial overview of realisable energy savings potential in the company.

Representative amortization periods

Practice shows time and again that capital return periods of 1 to 2 years are more the norm than the exception for our energy-saving measures. When financing ONI energy-saving systems, for example by leasing, customers experience that cost savings are several times the leasing rate! The customer thus receives new plant technology, finances the leasing instalment from part of the cost savings and can use the savings surplus for other purposes, such as the purchase of machines. Our partners, well-known financial service providers, will be happy to make you a financing offer.