Our customers expect a partner who thinks holistically and provides a comprehensive range of services beyond the top performance in the core business, which can be used as required. If the services provided enable the company to present itself as a partner with added value in the interests of the customer, a mere customer-supplier relationship becomes a partnership that is not easily exchangeable and from which both sides benefit equally.

The fact that one did its homework in the core business expects the customer understandably from each offerer. If, at first glance, two providers provide the same service at approximately the same price - who does the target customer choose? Experience has shown that this is the case for those who have the highest "sympathy" factor in tow in addition to professional competence. However, if one of the providers still has services in his luggage that cannot be billed for on paper, but that offer a monetary advantage for the client, the situation is a little different. That is not to say, however, that the one who has more to offer for the money may be unsympathetic. The ideal combination is the picture book seller, both male and female, who offers much more for the money than the competitor and at the same time takes the hearts of customers by storm.

We have been successful in the market for more than 30 years with our energy-saving system solutions for the plastics processing industry. We owe our success at least to a certain extent to a philosophy that has been established from the very beginning by our company founder and managing partner Wolfgang Oehm. According to this philosophy, we must be able to offer our customers not only the technology they are willing to buy, but also the advantages and benefits they cannot get from our competitors. He himself summarized this in a single sentence: "We have to succeed in convincing the customer that it is a business for him (the customer) to buy from us! A requirement, which means constant challenge and the question generates, what must we do, in order to become fair this requirement again and again? This question can certainly not be answered comprehensively. However, we have formulated a so-called 16-point programme for ourselves. It describes service packages which are offered to our customers as free but monetary services in addition to the saleable services. The range of services extends from energy and process analysis to support in applying for subsidies from state and federal programmes for energy-saving measures.

Money Sources Finder

Using the example of applying for funding, the monetary value of such free services can very quickly be demonstrated. A considerable amount of funds is available from various state and federal funding programmes for the implementation of energy-saving measures. However, it is difficult for most companies, especially medium-sized ones, to understand the conditions for applying for funding. In addition, such a procedure is very often associated with a considerable expenditure of time because it is not part of day-to-day business. For these two reasons alone, the application often fails. With our services, we already start where it is a matter of designing an eligible plant situation. In other words, not every energy-saving system is automatically eligible for funding! In the run-up to the subsidy, it is therefore a matter of implementing the system concept, the special energy efficiency of the system elements, the optimisation of influencing system factors such as zeta values and the energy management system in such a way that the energy savings target according to the subsidy directive is guaranteed to be achieved. The next step is the application procedure itself and the provision of all necessary documents with a description of the downstream possibility for checking the savings result. In individual cases, in which the authority takes a different view of eligibility, we actively engage in a presentation process for our customers, in which we have always been successful. For example, for a customer who bought a system from us worth around EUR 500,000, this resulted in a subsidy of around EUR 82,000 as a gift, in addition to the energy savings achieved with this system!

Through the 16-point program, in which our own services are formulated for the customer, we offer the mediation of experienced and particularly reliable network partners. Here the spectrum ranges from system financing to load management or energy purchasing. It is precisely the issue of plant financing that repeatedly creates certain "aha" effects for customers. Our service consists of bringing together the right partners for a financing concept. The respective project team makes a preselection of the suitable financial partners, which is adapted to the size of the property. Equipped in this way, the company can then decide for itself whether to make use of the house bank or one of the financial service providers presented.

We are increasingly experiencing that customers want us as contractors to offer them the service package that they themselves have to present to their customers - and if possible a bit more. So we look for partners who offer the so-called "all-round carefree package".