Securing chances...

If one looks at globally successful companies, one comes across entrepreneurial personalities who have first seen the opportunity for a product idea or a service and only a little far behind the risks. In my opinion, the ideal combination for continuous corporate success is an opportunity for an entrepreneurial idea with development prospects that is enthusiastically carried forward by the entrepreneur and his team! The optimal combination turns individual components into an entrepreneurial safeguarding of opportunities.

Without exaggeration, the development of the world's first heat recovery system for using waste heat from plastics machines can be described as an initial spark for our successful corporate development. Nothing happened of its own accord in this matter either, especially against the backdrop of relatively low energy prices at the time. Our managing partner and company founder Wolfgang Oehm himself says, "I was lucky to have chosen the right horse at the right time: heat recovery and energy saving". The idea of equal opportunities was to be the only one to recognize at this unusually early stage that the topics of energy costs and environmental protection would become driving and supporting forces for an entrepreneurial idea.

Products and system solutions have been further developed over the years and adapted to the needs and company situation in a wide variety of industrial sectors - with a view to taking advantage of market opportunities or adapting and further developing systems to the needs of market partners and legal requirements.

The topics of environmental protection and resource efficiency have been in the spotlight for years, but they are still not mandatory. Nevertheless, our company has always been committed to developing and refining system solutions that enable companies to sustainably reduce their energy costs to a minimum level. If you like, development services are provided in advance. Forward-looking action puts companies in a position that allows them to react quickly to expected brand developments and not to run after them. In the future, nobody will be able to escape the development of energy costs and the political demands to make greater efforts in environmental technology.

The course has therefore been set, even if not all trains are necessarily heading in this direction. Innovative and forward-looking companies from our clientele have recognised for themselves that the continuously rising energy prices and the resulting increasing corporate burdens can only be countered with an offensive energy-saving policy.


Success makes beautiful and attractive

What is the use of the best product and the greatest performance if nobody knows about it and you don't have dedicated personnel to ensure the successful marketing or continuous development of products? Then arrows remain in the quiver, opportunities are missed and the company's success falls by the wayside.

To continue the success of a company, you need committed employees! They do not grow on trees and are not available everywhere in any number and with the necessary qualifications. Especially companies in rural regions have or will have more and more problems. So what to do? It is easier said than done to relocate companies to urban areas, and there is also the big problem that competition will become even tougher.

Our experience has shown that as a successful company in a rural region, it is possible to attract employees from urban areas through outstanding corporate performance and appropriate press coverage. The overall package must be right. Here, too, the optimal combination of individual components brings the desired success. In addition to corporate performance in a holistic form, this also includes politically influenced components such as the best possible transport connections, good school education or a wide range of attractive leisure activities. Our own statistics impressively underline this development. In the last eight years, we have doubled our number of employees to 335.

Letting employees and the social environment participate in our success makes the successful entrepreneur an entrepreneurial personality. Our managing partner and company founder Wolfgang Oehm is a good example of this. According to the data and facts about the company, Wolfgang Oehm has a social self-obligation to commit himself to employees, needy people in his environment and social institutions in a variety of ways.

For the older employees, he coined the expression: "Older employees are not scrap iron, but stainless steel. They have a lot of experience and expertise. In addition, they are loyal and less prone to crosswind. The oldest Oehm has ever hired was 62! And there is something else that distinguishes Wolfgang Oehm: his social commitment. He is innate in helping other people. Exemplary his sentence: "I don't need a house on Malle or Sylt, I need satisfied and motivated employees". Oehm repeatedly talks about his strong team, of which he is very proud. His special interest in the socially disadvantaged has also been recognized and honored several times.

And then there is the training of young people. Our company currently employs 36 trainees! Young people who fail somewhere else also get a chance here. Quote from Wolfgang Oehm: "We don't breed pussies during the apprenticeship, but apprentices who stand their ground after the exam". In 2011, ONI received an award for the best and most successful apprentice training from 33,000 companies. And Oehm proves that it's worth making an effort with the fact that almost all leading employees in Lindlar started from scratch and ultimately seized their opportunity.