ONI improves the energy efficiency of temperature control, refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Usage of energy

New requirements and regulations, for example with regard to ensuring hygiene in cooling tower systems, the use of refrigerants with future prospects or the increased use of composite materials, are currently bringing a lot of movement.

In addition, the topics of "continuous efficiency improvement" with regard to energy consumption and process flow or "increasing process and production safety" are in the focus of user interest. ONI will be presenting corresponding new developments at its booth:

  • Water quality without chemicals
  • High-temperature oil temperature control technology
  • Refrigerants with a future
  • efficient cooling system technology
  • ventilation systems

In addition, ONI will be demonstrating dynamic-adaptive Rhytemper temperature control systems for quality improvement, energy savings and cycle time savings of around 20 to 30% in various practical applications, as well as advanced remote monitoring software that ensures increased operational reliability.


Refrigerants with a future

In refrigeration technology, the number of suitable refrigerants has been further washed and ranges from natural to newly developed synthetic refrigerants. In connection with the associated machine technology, ONI provides an overview of this topic for the interested visitor and shows newly developed compact refrigeration machines with natural refrigerant and a high-performance refrigeration machine with oil-free turbo compressors for the higher and high performance range, designed for the synthetic refrigerant R1234.

The area of energy-efficient ventilation and clean room technology will once again receive a lot of attention this year, because many plastics processors have to improve their production conditions due to increased quality requirements and a growing number are looking for entry into medical technology or related areas.

In all cases, a defined indoor air quality is required, which must be provided using as little energy as possible. In practice, however, the requirement for a defined air quality with low energy consumption and low operating costs can only be met if, for example, free waste heat from cooling water circuits can be used to heat the air. For this reason, Oni's air technology system concepts are primarily adapted to the requirements of air quality, but immediately downstream there is the energetic optimization, taking into account and using free energy sources through the use of Oni heat recovery systems.


Eta Control as an energy choke

Another new development is the EtaControl technology for further reducing the energy consumption of injection molding machines by around 33 %. Reducing power consumption remains a high priority for plastics processors. Eta Control has now succeeded in further developing the Etasave module, which makes it possible to regenerate saved current potential during the control phase. This improves the savings potential even further.


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