"An extraordinary day for an extraordinary man." Dr. Helfried Schmidt, member of the board of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, tried superlatives to pay tribute to the life's work of the entrepreneur who was honored today at the Düsseldorf Ministry of Economic Affairs. Also a novelty this year, because NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Garrelt Duin announced that the appreciation of a fellow citizen with the highest honor of the Federal Republic of Germany is usually left to the regional district councilors. But this time things were different. "It is my concern to personally hand over this First Class Merit Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany," said the Minister, singing a song of praise to the honoree. The latter have done so much good in the past, that the time is not rich enough to appreciate everything.

From the smallest approaches, the man had created a 420-employee, highly modern enterprise and never forgot his social responsibility. "Commitment is not lip service for him," says Duin. The new dignitary from Lindlar show heart, where others looked away, he help, where this is anything but natural. The employees are close to his heart, their well-being and satisfaction would have priority. In doing so, he relies on a healthy mix of younger and experienced employees and is well above average. "I take my hat off to them," says Duin and also mentions the initiative of the entrepreneur, who recently gave ten refugees the additional opportunity to train in his company.

Then comes the great moment, Duin strides to action, attaches the Cross of Merit to the lapel of the honoree, presses him the accompanying certificate and an explanation in which hand one should wear the Cross of Merit and especially at which point of the jacket. Everything is regulated in Germany.

Wolfgang Oehm, head of the energy optimizer ONI from Lindlar, is touched - and proud. Both of these hides the emigrated Westphalian with Rhenish looseness. "I feel that as an accolade for my team and me," he says softly. Oehm is not an honor collector, the appraisals fall to him, because he does things that are natural for him, but in our society often represent the exception.


Source: Oberberg News