For years ONI-Wärmerafo from Lindlar has been collecting prizes and awards, which have been awarded in national and international competitions. The respective juries repeatedly emphasized the areas of innovation, corporate success, future orientation, customer satisfaction, training of young people and diverse social commitment.

Now, however, the medium-sized and craft-oriented trendsetter has received a very special appreciation in terms of energy optimization. Professor Bernd Venohr next to Dr. Florian Langenscheid, one of the two editors of the "Lexikon der deutschen Weltmarktführer", and a top-class jury rated the ONI performance profile as so outstanding worldwide that it was proposed to be included in the newly published lexicon, which of course pleased ONI CEO Wolfgang Oehm.

"Such an appreciation is like an accolade for us and another big milestone in our company history. The entry in the encyclopaedia does not result from a short-term assessment, but rather from the company performance that has been performed by all employees for many years, to which we are all very proud, "said Wolfgang Oehm, who founded the company more than 30 years ago.

On the occasion of the book premiere in Schwäbisch Hall, Oehm was able to accept the world market leader medal from the hands of the two editors. On this occasion, Dr. Langenscheid once again emphasized that although the term "world market leader" spontaneously makes one think of large global corporations, in fact, the leading German companies on the world market are to be found mostly in the middle class. They include highly specialized problem solvers whose names are little known to the public. The companies pursue a very own management approach, far away from short-term "successes" and short-term financial goals.

The PDF with the exact article in the lexicon can be found here.

Source: Oberberg News